Our company's dances are designed to explore the sacredness of life and its expression in worship. They focus on biblical themes, social issues, human concerns, and personal spirituality. A commitment to the highest artistic standards is made throughout the work of the company as we strive to reflect the truth and beauty of creation and to view movement as metaphor for life.

The repertoire is diverse, with dances of varying duration, style and form, ranging from contemplative and reflective to happy and celebratory as mandated by the elements of the worship service or workshop. Many types of live and/or taped music are used: e.g., classical, contemporary Christian, Israeli folk, traditional hymns, and Black gospel. Many pieces also incorporate readings of prose, poetry, and scripture.

Each booking arrangement is discussed in detail with the contact person from the presenting church or organization, and is designed to meet the needs and expectations of that group. Presenters may select from the repertoire or may choose to commission new choreography.

Examples from the Repertoire

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