Dance in a worship setting or a ritual liturgical celebration is determined by the existing form of the worship service. Our company strives for authentic and artistic expression within that form. While believing firmly that dance in liturgy is a prayer and, as such, is worthy of our very best effort, we seek to achieve and maintain the highest standards of technique, choreography and presentation. It is hoped that the works will provide a genuinely aesthetic, prayerful experience for the congregation as well as for us. Both beauty and creation are works of the Lord. We pray that God will allow us to reflect those dimensions through Him.

There are many places in a formal liturgy where dance is most appropriate:

Leaven has danced in wedding ceremonies, Advent services, Easter Vigil services, All Saints Day celebrations, Services of Reconciliation, Services for Christian Unity, among many others. We have also found that many persons who may initially have reservations about incorporating moving bodies into worship; after having seen it done evolving from a sincere motivation of reverence and devotion, are completely converted to an understanding of its impact and inspirational effect.

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